Highland dancing is the unique dance form for Scottish bagpipes. The Highland Fling and Sword Dance date back to the Middle Ages and have a ritual, war-like, masculine character. In the eighteenth century, ballet influenced dances like Seann Triubhas (“old trousers”), the Scottish Lilt and Flora McDonald’s Fancy, giving them a graceful, feminine character. Vigorous dances like the Sailor’s Hornpipe and the Irish Jig were borrowed from neighboring cultures, but are mainstays at Highland games.

The Hill Country Highland Dancers hold classes twice weekly for boys and girls ages 6 to adult.  They compete in Highland games at all levels, and perform at events throughout central Texas. Certified teacher Mike Downer is a member of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing and the British Association of Teachers of Dance


Welcome to Highland Dancing: exercise, companionship, culture, fun!

Weekly Classes in Austin, TX
        TBA, contact us for details.
 Advanced Classes:
         Monday, 6-8 pm.
         Saturday, 10am - 12 noon

Annual Competitions in Texas
Houston Highland Games (April)
Arlington Highland Games (May)
Salado Highland Games (November)

Annual Performances
Burns Supper (January)
Austin Celtic Festival (November)
Silver Thistle Pipe Band Benefit (April)

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